Time to heal


Looking for a reputable and affordable Rehabilitation Center or Intensive Outpatient Care Facility can be an overwhelming process; especially when you may not know where to begin. Life Landscaping has developed a renowned Rehab / IOP Placement Program that is designed to make this process easy and manageable, while offering 24/7 service. We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns and guide you through the process every step of the way.

With decades of real-world experience in the treatment profession, access to cutting-edge developments in treatment modalities and resources, and relying on our long-term professional relationships, we are confident we can place you or your loved one in a suitable and life-changing program.

We are very transparent during our process and are committed to understanding your financial concerns. We work to ensure that our clients have exclusive access to high-quality and effective care at an affordable price.

Time to trust


In early recovery, those suffering from substance abuse, tend to be unsure of how to stay sober at times or may not trust in themselves to be dependable and show up for their obligations. Our supportive Sober Companions can fill in this gap and provide one-on-one assistance and accountability to help manage everyday tasks, errands and can be a supportive shoulder to lean on.

A Sober Companion can also assist in transportation and get you from point A to B. Whether it is getting you to the airport, work, school, doctors’ appointments, family events or court, we are able to travel anywhere in the world at a moments notice.

Our Sober Companions can even assist in small to large daily tasks, such as grocery shopping, filing proper documentation or even packing and unpacking your luggage. We can even be there for you to visit your home or be by your side in stressful situations. Sober Companions provide assistance and accountability when and where it is needed most.

Time to build

Sober coaching
FACT: 90% of recovering addicts relapse after leaving a rehab or detox facility.

Jumping back into the real-world post-rehab, surrounded by unsupportive environments, old habits and toxic triggers, can make this transition one of the hardest points in your life – and it may lead to relapse. Specific actions and positive adjustments to your life during this time are crucial to maintaining long-term sobriety.

If you are just out of rehab, are in the early phases of sober recovery, or are maintaining long-term sobriety, an experienced Sober Coach can provide mentorship, education and life tools towards building a healthy lifestyle. Life Landscaping’s team of Sober Coaches define individual recovery plans and work together to overcome challenges and meet goals towards sober living. Your Sober Coach will focus on applying the skills you learned in treatment and can organize a team of therapists, nutritionists, wellness trainers, and other professionals to address your personalized needs and help you reach success while living your ultimate purpose.

Time to Thrive

Sober recovery is best accompanied with a focus on health, wellness and nutrition. From work out plans to meal prep or spiritual guidance, we have solutions to help your mind, body and spirit thrive. Our network of trainers, nutritionists, and spiritual guides are hand-selected to help you get your life back on track and feeling good in your own skin. Our services allow us to help you live your best physical, mental and spiritual life.

Time to Stand


Someone you care about is suffering from addiction and you need to do something—but you don’t know what to do and don’t want to make things worse. The preception of Interventions on television are dramatic and often adversarial affairs, but they don’t need to be.

Working with some of the most reputable interventionists in the nation, Life Landscaping guides your through the process of creating successful, safe, and loving interventions. We follow a structured process, created with a healthy and compassionate environment all while leading to a comprehensive recovery program for your loved one.

Time to connect


Your journey through sobriety is the utmost priority and we believe that you can have access to our treatment and services no matter where you are in the world. Whether you are traveling, are concerned about exposure to Covid-19, or just have a busy schedule, Life Landscaping can accommodate remote services and appointments to fit your life.

Our services are fully virtual and can me managed online or by phone. We work with your individual needs to create a tailor-made virtual treatment schedule. Our network of health professionals, including therapists, coaches, counselors, healers, nutritionists and other wellness pros are available remotely.